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First Encounter

Grenda Schneider is attacked in public by a superpowered, inhuman swordsman after her mysterious amulet

In Position

Grenda Schneider finds herself being stalked and hunted by Emperor Mathaiodox and his fellow Pathians, who all seem to have their own agendas

Out of the Bag

Grenda and Damian continue to dodge and avoid both the police and the Pathian invaders. Meanwhile, Mathaiodox's position as leader of the Pathian invasion is challenged...


Grenda's great-grandmother reveals to her the secrets of her amulet and the powers it holds. Queen Memphusa's plot to oust Mathaiodox and seize control of the Pathian invasion thickens. Lord Eroticles pursues his own plan to capture Grenda's amulet.

Breaking Point

Queen Memphusa and her allies rebel against Mathiodox, driving the Emperor into exhile. Grenda tries to find Damian before he becomes endangered by the Pathians, only to be challenged by King Cronkus...


Grenda tries desperately to find Damian, who has gone missing. Mathaiodox continues his vengeful quest to kill Grenda and claim the Shadow Amulet, despite his exhile. Queen Memphusa and her allies recruit Lord Eroticles to their cause, but dissention begins to brew amongst them. Officer McKiliggin receives a promotion from a mysterious shadow faction...

Any Mean Necessary

Grenda and Damian seek help by asking for advice from Grenda's great-grandmother, and by seeking out the mysterious Pathian known only as Vid the Darkener. Lord Eroticles must find a way to escape imprisonment by the humans. Queen Memphusa threatens to kill King Cronkus if he fails to capture the Shadow Amulet for her. Agent Horsley also threatens McKiliggin.


Grenda grieves the mysterious death of her great-grandmother. Damian ventures out to enlist the aid of Vid the Darkener. Mathaiodox challenges Grenda to the ultimate showdown for the Shadow Amulet. Queen Memphusa's bad luck gets even worse when Empress Ikari comes back to Earth to fight her to the death...

The Main Event

Grenda and Emperor Mathaiodox finally have their one-on-one, no-holds-barred fight to the death, with the Shadow Amulet as the prize. Queen Memphusa attempts to win over Damian's trust and allegiance. Lord Eroticles finally confronts his arch-nemesis, Vid the Darkener. Agent Horsley and the Global Earth Force make preperations against the Pathians...

Season 2 Concept Art

Some character concept art for the upcoming Shadestalker season, as well as maps, fauna, machinery, etc.

Episode 2-1: "Jailbreak"

In the Season 2 premier, Grenda Schneider finds herself imprisoned by Agent Horsley and his faction, the Global Earth Force...

Episode 2-2: "Homeworld"

Grenda Schneider and company arrive on the world of Pathia, only to find it brutally under attack by the Global Earth Force.

Episode 2-3: "Earth to Pathia"

Grenda and co must venture to the Vanitian capitol of Massalina in order to mount a proper counteroffensive against the Global Earth Force. Meanwhile, Lord Eroticles and his motley crew collaborate with Admiral Starnov to capture Grenda and Vid the Darkener.